Thursday, November 08, 2007

So I signed up for an internet craft swap for retro video games. I was a week late sending it out, as is my style. Since 3 out of the 4 of you who read this blog have seen me working on at least some of it but never got to see it completed, and I felt like I should give you some closure:

That's all of it lumped together.

This is made out of paper tiles glued onto a wooden box. I think (hope?) it looks better in person. It looked a lot better than the first paper mosaic I made, which I refuse to post pictures of here on account it looks like a 5 year old's art project.

Standard needlepoint. Not cross stitch, Joe, although that was close. Not crochet, Corinne, which wasn't close.

Stained glass triforce.

I don't see any point in posting close up of the Dragon Warrior wolf or the coasters since they've been posted here before.

By the way, everyone is getting some variation of the above (speaking generally: coasters, suncatchers, magnets, etc) for Christmas because I have no money, but shitloads of time. So if you have any requests*, you better start getting them to me. **

* I reserve the right to deny any requests.

** I can also make sock monkeys.