Sunday, April 29, 2007

I have been sick and have been feeling too sorry for myself to get much of anything done. My store hasn't sold anything in a while which I'm actually kind of glad about for now because I can't be bothered to make trips back and forth from the post office in my current emo state.

But I do have some stuff in the works as well as some ideas, and once I conquer this uber cold or flu or whatever it is, I will take the video game fanart world by storm. Or something.

In the meantime, to make it feel like I've gotten stuff done when I haven't actually accomplished a goddamn thing, I'm going to post pictures of things I finished ages ago but for some reason (embarrassment) never posted here or on my myspace, complete with explanations:

This is my dishwasher. Taped to it is a perler bead rendering of the hellvine from one of the Dragon Quest games. To date, this is one of the biggest pain in the ass pieces I have ever finished. The megaman might give it a run for its money though, should I ever acquire enough blue beads to finish it.

This is Oddler, aka Odd Eye, after he goes apeshit in Shining Force 2. For the time being, you'll have to take my word for it that this thing looks a lot (well, a little) better from far away. Perler Beads only come in so many colors, and sometimes its hard to get all the variable colors in, say, a fleshtone, to blend smoothly.

Maybe one day I'll get around to taking a picture of this thing from the far corner of the room. Or maybe I won't. Also, I just noticed I hung this up backwards.

This is Peter from Shining Force 2. This is after he morphs into the phoenix from a big nerd. I wish I had come across his 'before' picture before I made his 'after' picture into a cabinet decoration, because I'd really have Peter the Nerd hanging in my kitchen. But the 14 year old's website I found at the time only had his promotion picture.

And this would be King Galam after he goes apeshit (or does he start off apeshit and you return him to sanity? it's been too long since I've played) from Shining Force 2. I even made the frame for this one, and I think it looks nice but I decided it was a waste of time and beads for Peter and Oddler. Also, it's very boring to do.

I thought I gave this to my little sister, by the way. In other words, I thought it was hanging in an apartment populated by a stinky dog in Austin. But I happened to come across it recently lying around the guest bedroom in my parents house in Houston. Some one's got some 'splaining to do.

And just to show that I do have range beyond video game fanart but not beyond geek fanart, here is a comics fanart thing that I did. This is using a process called rasterbation (notice how I will classily not make any puns).

It's basically a DIY way to make a dorm room poster - it allows you to take a small image (and you can use any image you want) and turn it into a tiled poster you can print off your own printer. If you want to make one yourself (it's free, excluding the printer ink and the paper) or just see what the fuck I'm talking about, go to The Rasterbator.

I didn't want all that ink and paper to go to waste so I tried to make it a bit more permanent (that is, I can take it with me whenever I finally move out of my parents' house) by decoupaging it to foam board and then wrapping electrical tape around the edges. I don't recommend using foam board because it's hard to cut and it comes out all jagged (hence the electrical tape border). Whenever I come up with a better method, I'd like to do a series of vintage magician posters, but that'll have to be for another time and another garage apartment (my walls are out of room here).

* Also I apologize for the crazy spacing or lack thereof (and I mean that: it is either giving me no spaces or crazy wide open ones) in this post. I'm pretty sure it's blogger that's retarded and not me. Maybe it's me. I had it laid out quite elegantly in my little editing box, only the actual thing never looks like the preview or the editing box. After an hour of messing with the format and the HTML to very little avail, I am just going to let you deal with it.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fucking finally:

So the final counts:

Number of times I bled for Godzilla: 8 times

Number of fingernails I ground down to nothing by accidentally slipping my finger into the grinder: 3

Number of burns from touching hot lead: 2

Number of tumors developed from breathing in lead without adequate ventilation: Only time will tell!

Lessons learned: I really need to work on my soldering. I really should learn how to make letters properly instead of winging it. I really need to check myself before I wreck myself.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The godzilla saga continues: I ran out of copper foil and cancer causing lead so he's been put on hold for a few days.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

1. Ever kissed a blonde haired, blue eyed person?
No. And what's with this question, nazi?

2. Can you see a phone right now?
I can see my cell phone, sure.

3. What are you listening to?
Gnac. Is that suitably obscure enough?

4. Where is it coming from?

5. Last thing you ate?
I just shoved a chocolate chip cookie into my mouth. I don't even really like chocolate chip cookies.

6. What was the last thing you saw on TV?
I rewatched a few early Veronica Mars episodes last night while working on the Moogle. It was back when Logan was just a psychotic jackass.

7. Who was the last person other than family you saw?
I passed a jogger (yes, people jog at 3 in the morning where I live) on my way home from Denny's.

8. Song stuck in your head?
Well, I'm listening to Gnac, but I'm thinking about Sweet Child O Mine.

9. Last movie you went to?
Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I forget the actual name of the actual movie. It has colon in it.

10. Do you have a tan right now?
I am a bit darker than usual, but I'm still paler than the average person's ass.

11. Do you dance while getting ready for... whatever?
The can can

12. What are you wearing?
A thong

Not really.

13. What is the most people you've been in front of?
I've had to make "The projector is broken. You will not be seeing this movie tonight" type announcements before. So maybe a couple of hundred?

14. Have you ever watched the show RockStar?
Lukas Rossi 4eva

15. Have you ever taken a bath/shower while you were drunk or high?
Sounds like something I would do.

16. Do you like techno?
Only in two minute increments. It's like pixie stix in the form of music. And, I mean, I like pixie stix, but I wouldn't want to eat an entire meal's worth of them.

17. Have you ever been to a night club?
Sounds like something I would do.

18. What is one country you want to go to?
Singapore. They rate their bathrooms there like we rate our restaurants.

19. Have you ever made out on a plane?
Sounds like something I would not do.

20. Have you ever jumped up on a stage that a band was playing on?
No, and in most cases, it kind of pisses me off when people do.

21. Do you have leadership skills?
Well, I'm no Jack. But I'm possibly a Ben or a Sawyer.

22. Are you musically inclined?
Not really. When I'm learning an instrument, I progress really fast early on, but I plateau extremely quickly. Like it'll be amazing that I'm ALREADY playing Michael Row the Boat Ashore, but it will soon dawn on you that I'm never going to get past the Michael Row the Boat Ashore level.

23. Have you ever sat on a roof and looked at stars?
Yes, but not in a dreamy, "I'm just a speck of dust" emo way. It was in a highly scientific way.

24. Ever done that while talking on the phone to a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Fuck that.

25. Does the song "Stairway To Heaven" make you sad?
No. Why would it?

26. Do you have alcohol in your room?
Sounds like something I would have.


1. Name 3 schools you went to:
North Harris, Macalester, U Houston

And that's just the colleges. And that's not even all of the colleges.

2. Name 3 things in your purse/wallet:
movie ticket stub, finished sudoku puzzle (5 star difficulty, put that in your pipe and smoke it), Itzik the clown magician business card

3. Name 3 things you do when you're really stressed.
nothing to calm me down, I like to feed the ball of rage that wells up inside of me.

4. Name 3 places you go on a daily basis:
downstairs, bathroom, maybe the front yard if I'm feeling adventurous

5. Name 3 favorite fruits:
I really only like apples. I sometimes eat bananas.

6. Name 3 of your favorite foods:
baked potato, french fries, baked potato soup


1. Where do you live?
a suburb of Houston

2. Where is your phone?
right in front of me

3. Where is/are your parent(s) right now?

4. Where is the last place you took a ride to?


1. What did you just eat?
Well not Denny's food. I mean, I'm already sick.

2. What color bra/boxers are you wearing?

3. What is the closest item near you that is blue?
Blue yarn for a slime plushie I'm trying to make

4. What is your favorite color?

5. What is your favorite website?
I suppose I read television without pity more than any other, but again, I like to feed that ball of rage in my stomach.

6. What kind of surgery have you had?
I've had a colonoscopy. I wish I were kidding.

7. What do you wear more jeans or shorts?
Shorts, obviously. *


1. When did you start school?
Mid 80s

2. When is your birthday?
September 1st, but I am, in fact, a scorpio.

3. When did you last go to the mall?
Probably more recently than I care to admit. I am very uncreative when it comes to shopping.

4. When was the last time you bought a pair of pants?
Probably longer ago than I care to admit. I've been wearing the same pair for 3 days now.

5. When did you last ponder your existence?
When I noticed earlier today that we were out of Doritoes.

6. When were you last at school?
Not so recently

7. When did you last see your dad?

* I forget that now that I do these embarrassing surveys outside of my private myspace page, people who don't know me might actually read them. I know what you're thinking: "yeah, right. you wish". And you're probably (definitely) right. But just in case: that "obviously" was meant to be snotty. I don't think I've voluntarily worn a pair of shorts since I was 7 years old.
Well, that 1-up mushroom sold within hours of me putting it up so I thought I'd follow up on its popularity by making a needlework moogle, which is a cat or a bat or something from the Final Fantasy games. And if you're wondering why I don't have a picture of my progress on the needlework moogle, it's because I apparently left it at a Denny's. That or it got buried underneath the crap in my car. Either way, it's never going to be seen again.

I'd start another one, but I don't have the stomach to make the exact same thing over and over again so it's going to be a few weeks at the very least before another moogle is born.

The godzilla stained glass is coming along at a slug's pace:

I decided instead of making each little tooth and black space between the tooth individually, I'd instead just make one big white line of teeth and use lead to draw the lines between them. Of course, I decided that after spending a few hours grinding down a dozen teeth.

And you can't tell by the above picture, but the lettering at the top is red glass, not black, and it can be very hard to distinguish between tiny red glass shards and blood sometimes. That said, the following count may not be accurate:

Number of times I have bled for Godzilla: 5 and counting

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Now for sale in my shop:

It's the 1 Up Mushroom (my mom didn't know). This thing took me forever. I figure some one could probably use it as a gift. Maybe a get well soon gift, since these things give you a second shot at life. You probably shouldn't give it to some one terminal though. That's just poor taste.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Works in progress:

Megaman Pixel Art - I need to order a lot of blue. And in case you can't tell (I forgot to put in the standard quarter for comparison purposes), this is a large project. He's already nearly a foot and a half long and I've yet to get past his crotch.

He is very likely to be ruined during the ironing process.

Godzilla stained glass
- this is more of an experiment than anything. It's my second stained glass project (Selma the Fish being my first), and my first attempt at my own design.

Number of times I have bled for Godzilla: 2 and counting

So I'm now selling those silly beaded video game characters on And in case you want to buy or just browse any of those silly beaded video game characters, my shop's url is

I'm going to use this blog to update what's going up for sale in my shop, show whatever I'm working on now (which may or may not be for sale when finished), and do dumbass surveys usually reserved for 12 year olds.