Sunday, May 10, 2009

Extreme Makeover - Tiny Apartment Edition

My roommate and I have been fighting over him constantly being in the living room. I wake up. He's there. I go to work, he's there. I come back from work, he's there. I go to sleep, he's still in there.

When I told him he should think about taking it down a notch before I turned homicidal, he said he didn't want to spend any time in his room because he didn't like it in there. And since his room is basically an air mattress (admittedly a step up from my current pile of sleeping bags on the floor) and a mountain of dirty clothes, I couldn't blame him.

As a compromise, I offered to remodel his room - something I had wanted to do anyway - to try to make it more appealing than the living room.

In my rage, i forgot to take some before pictures, but here's what's been accomplished so far:

My roommate dresses mostly in browns and greens ("he dresses like a shrub" a coworker once pointed out), so I picked green for the paint.

As far as I know, my roommate isn't into magic, but I thought this vintage magic poster was cool so I rasterbated it anyway.

The top left corner is blackened because the spray adhesive I bought wasn't working too well and soaked the paper. The rest of the poster is full of airbubbles because I switched over to tacky glue because the spray adhesive wasn't working too well. Sigh. Still, the air bubbles aren't as noticeable when a camera flash isn't pointing right at them.

The (formerly in the living room) desk may or may not stay in here depending on what I find at Goodwill over the next few weeks.