Sunday, May 06, 2007

Now for sale on etsy:

These are the original Dragon Warrior slimes in fridge magnet form. For those who don't remember or just never played the game (blasphemy, by the way), you usually encounter the blue slime first. He's the easiest of the easy. He's also pretty much the mascot for the entire Dragon Warrior/Quest series. You'd think the mascot would be a dragon. But it's not. It's a slime.

Then you encounter the red slime right after the blue slime, and he's only slightly harder than the blue slime. Much later on in the game you will eventually encounter a metal slime, and he is near impossible to kill because he is near impossible to hit.

The Dragon Quest series isn't terribly big here, but they are fanatics about it in Japan (go figure). I read somewhere that they're not allowed to release new DQ games during the week in Japan because too many people call in sick to work or skip school to go buy the game.

This is the Sea Slug from Dragon Warrior 2. It's also a magnet. I don't know whether or not he'll sell. He's a minor (forgotten) enemy from a minor (forgotten) game in a series that never made it big in America. But's a slug sitting in its own drool. If no one else wants it, I wouldn't mind having it on my fridge.

These are Excite Bike coasters. It was a bike racing game, but the tracks had all kinds of obstacles from ramps to oil slicks and such. If memory serves, no one played the actual game very much, but instead focused on making their own ridiculously hard tracks.

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