Sunday, April 29, 2007

I have been sick and have been feeling too sorry for myself to get much of anything done. My store hasn't sold anything in a while which I'm actually kind of glad about for now because I can't be bothered to make trips back and forth from the post office in my current emo state.

But I do have some stuff in the works as well as some ideas, and once I conquer this uber cold or flu or whatever it is, I will take the video game fanart world by storm. Or something.

In the meantime, to make it feel like I've gotten stuff done when I haven't actually accomplished a goddamn thing, I'm going to post pictures of things I finished ages ago but for some reason (embarrassment) never posted here or on my myspace, complete with explanations:

This is my dishwasher. Taped to it is a perler bead rendering of the hellvine from one of the Dragon Quest games. To date, this is one of the biggest pain in the ass pieces I have ever finished. The megaman might give it a run for its money though, should I ever acquire enough blue beads to finish it.

This is Oddler, aka Odd Eye, after he goes apeshit in Shining Force 2. For the time being, you'll have to take my word for it that this thing looks a lot (well, a little) better from far away. Perler Beads only come in so many colors, and sometimes its hard to get all the variable colors in, say, a fleshtone, to blend smoothly.

Maybe one day I'll get around to taking a picture of this thing from the far corner of the room. Or maybe I won't. Also, I just noticed I hung this up backwards.

This is Peter from Shining Force 2. This is after he morphs into the phoenix from a big nerd. I wish I had come across his 'before' picture before I made his 'after' picture into a cabinet decoration, because I'd really have Peter the Nerd hanging in my kitchen. But the 14 year old's website I found at the time only had his promotion picture.

And this would be King Galam after he goes apeshit (or does he start off apeshit and you return him to sanity? it's been too long since I've played) from Shining Force 2. I even made the frame for this one, and I think it looks nice but I decided it was a waste of time and beads for Peter and Oddler. Also, it's very boring to do.

I thought I gave this to my little sister, by the way. In other words, I thought it was hanging in an apartment populated by a stinky dog in Austin. But I happened to come across it recently lying around the guest bedroom in my parents house in Houston. Some one's got some 'splaining to do.

And just to show that I do have range beyond video game fanart but not beyond geek fanart, here is a comics fanart thing that I did. This is using a process called rasterbation (notice how I will classily not make any puns).

It's basically a DIY way to make a dorm room poster - it allows you to take a small image (and you can use any image you want) and turn it into a tiled poster you can print off your own printer. If you want to make one yourself (it's free, excluding the printer ink and the paper) or just see what the fuck I'm talking about, go to The Rasterbator.

I didn't want all that ink and paper to go to waste so I tried to make it a bit more permanent (that is, I can take it with me whenever I finally move out of my parents' house) by decoupaging it to foam board and then wrapping electrical tape around the edges. I don't recommend using foam board because it's hard to cut and it comes out all jagged (hence the electrical tape border). Whenever I come up with a better method, I'd like to do a series of vintage magician posters, but that'll have to be for another time and another garage apartment (my walls are out of room here).

* Also I apologize for the crazy spacing or lack thereof (and I mean that: it is either giving me no spaces or crazy wide open ones) in this post. I'm pretty sure it's blogger that's retarded and not me. Maybe it's me. I had it laid out quite elegantly in my little editing box, only the actual thing never looks like the preview or the editing box. After an hour of messing with the format and the HTML to very little avail, I am just going to let you deal with it.

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