Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well, that 1-up mushroom sold within hours of me putting it up so I thought I'd follow up on its popularity by making a needlework moogle, which is a cat or a bat or something from the Final Fantasy games. And if you're wondering why I don't have a picture of my progress on the needlework moogle, it's because I apparently left it at a Denny's. That or it got buried underneath the crap in my car. Either way, it's never going to be seen again.

I'd start another one, but I don't have the stomach to make the exact same thing over and over again so it's going to be a few weeks at the very least before another moogle is born.

The godzilla stained glass is coming along at a slug's pace:

I decided instead of making each little tooth and black space between the tooth individually, I'd instead just make one big white line of teeth and use lead to draw the lines between them. Of course, I decided that after spending a few hours grinding down a dozen teeth.

And you can't tell by the above picture, but the lettering at the top is red glass, not black, and it can be very hard to distinguish between tiny red glass shards and blood sometimes. That said, the following count may not be accurate:

Number of times I have bled for Godzilla: 5 and counting

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