Sunday, February 17, 2008

I haven't posted in a while, so here's a random update: I'm trying to make a lot of stuff to sell sometime during the summer so I can use the money for a poker bankroll. Because they're not going to be on sale for months, I'm usually not going to post the stuff I've made right away and instead wait until the summer. But because I'm a show-off who hasn't updated for a while, I'm going to post a few right now:

Bowie from Shining Force 2:

White Mage from Final Fantasy 1:

And here's something I made for a friend for Christmas:


  1. Hi! I love the cross stitch crafts you make (found your site via spritestitch).

    I have a question about the mosiac stitch. I tried to re-create it, with the same White Mage pattern, and it ends up looking like this:


    There is a ton of white backing space left, and it looks bad. Can you give me any hints on how you did it?

  2. I use clear plastic canvas and all of the threads in the floss when I do mine.

    I'm confused by your slashes...are you varying the length of the stitches? It should have short stitches for the top left corner of the pixel and bottom right corner as well as a long stitch in between. Do a google image search for mosaic stitch and I'm sure you'll find a diagram.