Thursday, October 02, 2008

Well I'm reopening my shop in order to try to raise funds for moving and for poker. I'm admittedly a little rusty on the mechanics of Etsy, but hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things. Shipping charges listed here are for the US, I've got "everywhere else" fees on the actual listings.

So here's what I'm listing today:

Locke from Final Fantasy VI:

$25 with shipping

Kefka from Final Fantasy VI:

$25 with shipping

The moogle from Final Fantasy VI (see a pattern?):

$25 with shipping

And now the two big ones:

Bowie from Shining Force 2:

$110 with shipping

The Dr Mario Viruses:

$85 with shipping

I'll be listing new things every other day or so...maybe every day if energy and ethusiasm allows. Wisconsin or bust.

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  1. You mean you're really going to leave me alone with the bitchy sister?