Thursday, November 06, 2008

Last day for free shipping on needlepoint in my etsy shop

So it is official: I am moving to Wisconsin. I am not moving as soon as I thought I would be, which has its pros (I can save more money) and cons (I am not moving as soon as I thought I would be), but I should be knee deep in cheese by February.

So, in the meantime, I will continue to work on this blog, my flickr, my etsy shop, and I may even attempt to get some one - anyone - to look at my deviant art page, which I have neglected to do in the past.

I will also be attempting to make this blog more than just some place to compile my etsy shop updates, since that's kind of redundant. This means I'm going to have to write about myself and what I am doing, which is kind of foreign to me.

Here's a few ideas for the future:
- posting a pictoral tour of my apartment (you know you want it)
- posting more "Works in Progress" posts
- posting more tutorials
- maybe start some massive project like benjibot's quest to cross stitch all of the original dragon warrior monsters
- take up some new crafts and post pictures, failures and all, of the progress
- maybe I'll do another survey or two, but let's face it: they're kind of stupid

Also I'll be refining the blog in more mundane ways: adding widgets, adding tags, changing the layout, networking, etc.


  1. I've looked at your etsy shop, have you listed on my flickr contacts, and have followed your crafty work on forums, but somehow I never noticed your blog link before. Reckon I did now.

    I see you've got a tutorial up, which is great because now I don't need to keep asking on Sprite Stitch. I really do want to give this style a go.

    When you get around to fixing up the blog can I suggest/request adding RSS (or Atom) feeds? I thought all blogspot blogs had 'em on by default. If not, there should be a way to turn it on. I'm keen on the syndication.

  2. Hi benjibot,

    I've only recently decided I was going to try and treat this thing seriously, so I haven't been promoting it so much.

    I'll look into the RSS feeds, though I never completely understood them.

    I'd love to see whatever you come up with. You might also want to check out pixelgasm...they don't have too many stitchers over there yet. I have it linked somewhere in the sidebar.