Friday, November 21, 2008

NP: Wire - Mr Suit

I managed to finish this today:

It'll go up on etsy in the next few days if the person who requested it no longer wants it (it's been a while, so that's a distinct possibility).

While I'm at it, I should note that I'm also seriously considering shutting down my shop. I enjoy the idea of these things floating around strangers' houses and the extra income is nice, but running the shop and having a full time job is starting to take its toll. Then again, I've had a rough couple of days, so it may just be my bad mood talking. I'll have to mull it over.

Oh, and an update on that giant chicken:


  1. Looks very good! Have you managed to sell anything on Etsy yet? I've recently started making sprites using beads, but I've no idea whether people buy these things or not.

  2. I love the MegaMan framed piece. Very Nice!