Monday, November 17, 2008

NP: The Smiths - Vicar in a Tutu

Truth be told, I sometimes get a little emo making stuff with the intention of selling it. And since I ran out of Megaman blue today and was too sick to make my daily trip to the craft store anyway, I decided to use the downtime to start making something specifically for me.

I settled on the god bird from the Dragon Quest series; it's always ridiculously hard for me to pick a Dragon Quest character because I go into this "They're all so cute!" mode usually reserved for pet stores. She has a couple of different names throughout the games she's in, but the one I remember is Ramia. My mom calls her "that giant chicken".

I'm hoping to finish her before I move to Wisconsin.


  1. I got some plastic cross stitching mess but I don't know where to start making something, I mean just looking at this I'm amazed how you can follow a pattern! Well also I don't know what I want to cross stitch yet. I guess I'm more of a quilter I just cut out all my blocks and just sew them together one at a time. I have method. This one seems harder since you go by one color at a time which if you cross stitch the wrong hole? I would go bonkers.

    okay I'm babbling... going back to work. ;-)

  2. Stitching the wrong hole just happens sometimes, and then you just undo the stitches and redo it. It's best to keep careful track of where stitches are in relation to one another so if you do make a mistake, you'll catch it quickly. And there are other workarounds I have discovered for those times when you don't catch it quickly.

    If you start with something simple (example: the original Link from Legend of Zelda), you can build your way to more complicated patterns.

    Once I learn how to use my sewing machine, I am going to make a video game quilt.

  3. sewing machines can be a bit fussy at times but don't let that get you down! you can do it, if you need any help well you know where to find me. ;-)

    to be honest just like for me and xstitching all I really need to do is just start, and so for you all you need to do is just sew.

    thanks for the advance about stitching in relation to another stitch. Right now I marked the edge of my canvas with a super fine sharpy every 10 holes or so and I can already see it being kind of a monster to work with. ^_^

  4. I don't understand. What do you mean 'vicar in a tutu'? How is that relevant?

  5. NP = Now Playing, anonymous.