Sunday, November 23, 2008

NP: Mission UK - Wasteland

Thought I'd post my progress on the Dragon Quest god bird:

Assuming I decide to shut down my store on etsy, this may be the last needlework I do for a while. I was looking at my 43 things today and I realized how much stuff I've had up there for ages and haven't even started pursuing because I spend so much time on these things.

I'm sure I'll be aching to decorate my Wisconsin apartment with them, but until then, I need to do some other things.


  1. wow you're pretty far along in this right now... i haven't even started mine yet... though i still have to pick a picture... *lazy*

    okay new goal i'm going to start on one before you finish this. ^_^

    Looks great btw!!!

  2. Which game is this from? I honestly feel bad that I haven't played more of the Dragon Quest series, considering how much I love it.

    Confession: I've only ever beaten the 1st one. I came very close to finishing VIII, but that damned alchemy pot ensnared me to the point of being bored with the game. The same thing happened with Super Paper Mario and the recipe list.

    I should really track down a copy of that Game Boy Color version of I & II. I have III, but didn't get too far.

  3. benji: I actually haven't played this one either. I was perusing woodus' dragon den and came across it in a monster list for a DQ Monsters game that was never released in North America. But I recognized the name from other DQ games and I liked the picture:

    rdrop: you'll probably beat me. I'm considering doing a few requests I've gotten on etsy, which would mean putting aside both this and my just-made resolution not to do any more needlepoints for a while.